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  • Cem Şenel, CEO of CNR Eurasia Elevator Fair held in Istanbul will make important contributions to the elevator sector
  • İstanbul is preparing for a new fair organization “International Eurasia Elevator Fair is opening its doors in 2014”
  • INTERLIFT 2015
  • INELEX 2014 brought professionals together in İzmir
  • RST Asansör successfully represented Turkey
  • Sematic is doing research in the Iran in market
  • Turkey- Azerbaijan cooperation was on the table
  • Integra adds new product lines to its portfolio
  • ARCODE RedDot Product Design has beengranted 2013 Award
  • AybeyElectronicsaimstoincreaseitsexportshareto 50 in 2014
  • Ayha Asansör; Brand Of Choice All Around The World
  • Genemek increases its market share in Egypt
  • Ultrarope Technology by KONE; Elevators of Future for High-Rise Buildings
  • “AVOX”, a brand mark of Genemek, has been spread all over the world
  • Genemek General Manager DEVRİM GECEGEZER "Genemek Name and Logo must be Around the Globe"
  • Professionals of the sector met in Lift Expo in Egypt
  • The construction around much of Moscow's International Business Center complex Moskva-City is nearing completion, with the complex set to become fully completed and operational by 2018.
  • Emay Elevator Sales Manager YASİN KURTULUŞ "Our goal in Iran is to be known and trusted brand"
  • Lift Balkans is rapidly becoming a major exhibition

  • Fupa Asansör held a tour in Italy (11 Şubat 2015)

    Fupa Asansör with a group of 30 people consisting of representatives of lift companies carrying on business across Turkey visited its Italian vendors for whom it works as an agency and distributor on a tour for 5 days. Bringing together its customers with Alberto Sassı, Monteferro amd Fermator fi rms, which have production facilities in Italy, Fupa Asansör led its customers to scrutinize the products they had been using for long years and explore production technologies there.

    Authorities of Fupa Asansör told us purpose of the study tour and what they had done there;

    “We also offered the opportunity for lift companies from Turkey in provinces of Ankara, Adana, Antalya, İzmir, İstanbul, Gebze, Elazığ, Malatya, Gaziantep, Kaysari, Konya, Samsun, Tekirdağ, and Trabzon to meet on a shared platform.

     Apart from the elevator study tours, we went on excursions to see and get to know Italian culture better.


    On day one, authorities of the Monteferro company met us at Milano Airport, and then we visited the factory around Monvalle with them.

     Monteferro was established in 1940 in Milano city. It has been producing rails in the lift sector, which is rapidly growing in Europe. The company established a production facility around 1970s in Monvalle in Italy and eventually become a worldwide lift company in 1990s thanks to two big part-nerships. It boosted its international success by getting into partnership in 1991 and in 1993 in Chi-na and Czech Republic, respectively. Upon signing an agreement with SSM/MRM company in 2000, Monteferro established two more rail factories across Canada and Brazil. Then, it started another two new factories in China in 2005 for being able to keep up with rapidly growing elevator sector in China and Pacific.

     On the study tour held in groups around the factory, the participants looked into the production line, quality control mechanisms and learnt about the products.


     Following the factory tour in Monteferro, we visited the Rocco di Angero Castle nearby. The castle is situated on the southern coast of Lago di Maggiore, which is the second biggest lake in Italy. The castle has been under control of the Borromeos since 1449. The Borromeo Family is one of the most elite families which have brought up cardinals and clergymen still continuing its bloodline. Within the castle, we and our guests saw the Borromeo Family’s belongings and the Baby Doll Mu-seum in it.


     On the second day, we visited Fermator’s factory called Technidoors SPA near Milano. This facility has been carrying out production activities since 2006 and marketing its products in Italy and neighbouring countries.

     In a nutshell, Fermator Group is involved in manufacturing automatic doors for lifts all around the world. Its headquarters is located in Reus/Spain. Also having production facilities in France, Poland, Greece, India, China and Brazil besides Spain and Italy, the company today serves to more than 90 countries all over the world. Fermator Group is focused on only manufacturing automatic doors and became specialized. Fermator is offering service to the whole world with more than 1000 and 9 main production facilities of it.

    During the factory tour, visitors in groups looked into the production line and production technology entirely owned by Fermator. Moreover, the groups watched some presentations displaying the products and history of the fi rm.


     Isola Bella Island is one of the two islands belonging to the Borromeos. Our local guide showed us the palace situated on the island, which is a touristic attraction point. The palace was used as the summer villa by Borromeo Family once and its upper fl oors are still being used by the family.

     It is said that Napolyon Boneparte and his wife were guests in the palace in the 18th century. There are quite valuable possessions and construction techniques in the palace. The garden of the palace is so amazing!


     On day three, we had sightseeing in city centre of Milano and did shopping. The Milan cathedral, called Duomo di Milano, fascinated our visitors. Duomo di Milano is the fi fth biggest cathedral in the world.


    On the fourth day of the tour, the Ferrari museum and factory were visited together with authori-ties of Alberto Sassi. Situated near Bologna, Maranello town can be said to be a small city of Ferrari. There is a very large production facility and a museum in the town. Our customers had the opportunity to try various models of Ferrari (F12 Berlinetta, California T, 458 Italia) even for a short time and enjoyed one of the funniest moments on the tour. Besides legendary Ferrari automobiles and race cars in the Ferrari Museum, we learnt a lot about Enzo Ferrari’s life, founder of the Ferrari. Production facility of the Ferrari is like a complete campus. With its own test areas, Ferrari has got a track similar to the world’s most challenging Formula1 tracks. This track is used for testing vehicles produced in that factory.


     On the last day, we visited the Alberto Sassi’s factory in Bologna. Third generation members of the Sassi Family and managers of the fi rm escorted us during the factory tour and presentations.

     Alberto Sassi S.P.A. was founded in 1946 by Alberto Sassi to produce engines and motors for eleva-tors. Today it puts on the market its motors through its distributors carefully selected from not only Italy but also the world. Alberto Sassi is a rare company which is producing itself all parts of its mo-tors with and without gears in world’s elevator sector. In this way, it is able to provide after-sale warranty for all its customers. The units affi liated with the Sassi Holding S.P.A. include Alberto Sassi S.P.A. (producing motors with and without gears), Sassi Lift Systems Ltd (lift parts distributor), SMS (electronic parts production for lifts) and Alberto Sassi Spain (gear production).

     Also during the last day of the tour, a study tour was held in the factory in groups, and then a presentation was watched in the offi ce including overall information about the company. Produc-tion line of the worldwide mark Alberto Sassi was examined. In addition, the production line was examined thoroughly from quality control mechanism to test and control rooms, assembling to painting and packaging. Sales representatives from the Sassi as well as company’s employees from the Sassi Family provided gave detailed briefi ng during the study tour.

     After the visit, the group fl ew from Bologna airport to İstanbul. Until the end of the tour, Italian cuisine was introduced to our guests in several restaurants. Fupa Asansör is planning similar tours in other countries where we have agencies and distributors in the future. Fupa Asansör Family would like to thank all our valuable visitors joining the study tour and distinguished representatives of Al-berto Sassi, Fermator and Monteferro. 

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