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  • Elevator Industry Due To Expand In India
  • M. Mehdi Culazade Deputy- Chairman of the Iranian Industrialist and Businessmen Association (İSİAD) ‘Made in Turkey’ products becoming more and more popular
  • LiftBalkans aims to present the potential of the sector in South East Europe
  • EMF Motors, is stronger in its new location!
  • Fabre Elevator Board Manager AHMET GÖKHAN "Our goal is to increase our exports takes a place between our largest goals"
  • Teori Mühendislik aims at increasingitsexport rate to 30 percent
  • Örsan Örs In the Fair most interest was shown to our Elevator Control Cards and EVOS Series Floor Trays
  • Turkey progresses toward becoming the 16th largest economy in the world in 2014...
  • Aygünsanprovides a hundredpercent of increase in elevatorrunnersexport
  • INTERLIFT 2015
  • Has Asansör Foreign Trade Manager Ahmet Altındere We started being more active in Poland in 2014
  • “Agreement for Mutual Promotion and Protection of Investments” needs to be extended with Kyrgyzstan
  • Turkish-Arab Business and Political World came together
  • Wittur and Sematic to Merge In Order to Create a Leading Global Supplier to The Elevator Industry
  • “AVOX” with9.9 mm attractstheworld’sattention
  • Kleemann exports to 90 countries
  • Deltatek aims increasing export rate to 60 percent in 2014
  • Turkish Republic Science Industry and Technology Minister Fikri IŞIK "Turkey will produce with high technology"
  • Participation record is expected in Egypt Fair this year
  • AH-MET Elevatorprovidesunlimitedtechnicalsupport

  • Emay Elevator wants to give direction to the technology (17 Ağustos 2015)

    These fi rms include Mercedes Benz, Fiat Turkey, Serbia, Renault Dacia, Ford, Hyundai, Zorlu, Gestamp, PSA (Peugeot -Citroen), Lada Russia and it still provides support for many companies like this.

     Also in elevator area, Emay Mühendislik has applied all its engineering skills and experience regarding elevator fl oor and cabin doors which all are its original design and it realizes the sale of the products under its own brand. Emay Elevator’s principle is to transfer the upper level information in the automotive industry to the elevator industry and thus to give direction to technology in the Turkish elevator industry in relation with quality and superior engineering.

     Emay Asansör is currently exporting directly or indirectly to nearly 60 countries. Bringing the monthly production up of 8 thousand units per with its new factory Emay Asansör is performing production on an area of 7 thousand square meters in total.  

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