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  • Liftvision Magazine, was the only brand representing Turkey in Lift Balkans
  • Turkey progresses toward becoming the 16th largest economy in the world in 2014...
  • Vital Elevator has increased the speed of production and quality
  • Mekisan is preparing an expansionto Europe
  • Ayha Asansör exports 50 percent of itsproduction
  • Fupa Lift and Alberto Sassi are celebrated their 20th anniversary of association
  • Ark Machine General Manager ARMAĞAN KAN "We did 11 million dollars investment to our new production facility"
  • Going up and sideways! Germans invent revolutionary elevator
  • İstanbul is preparing for a new fair organization “International Eurasia Elevator Fair is opening its doors in 2014”
  • ARGESET Button Panels Collect Appreciation
  • Sematic is doing research in the Iran in market
  • Sematic provides production to the world with the understanding of perfect service
  • Tempo Rulman will increase its export rate to 70 in 2014
  • Turkish Elevator Industry Grows Each Passing Day
  • Radical changes New standards alter building components - Interlift 2015 presents tomorrow’s elevator world
  • Stoper drew wide attention at Interlift with its folding inner cabin door
  • World Leading Trade Fair Interlift With A New Exhibitors Record And Considerable Increase In Space
  • Exhibition for Elevators and Escalators for South-East Europe
  • Wittur and Sematic to Merge In Order to Create a Leading Global Supplier to The Elevator Industry

  • Emay Elevator Sales Manager YASİN KURTULUŞ "Our goal in Iran is to be known and trusted brand" (28 Ağustos 2015)

    This is the second time they are visiting the expo and from the previous visit their orders have increased double. Mr. Kurtuluş said that they were trying to be a wellknown and trusted company by Iran and they are trying to do their best to be that.

    He says that the expo was busy and their products have taken good attention “this year after the expo we expect rising again. As I had indicated through you, Last year we drew heavy attention. Our export after expo has increased 2.5 times. This year we are facing same interest again. We think that our orders will increase same again. Last year we did important investments and we have increased our production number. We added new machines and factories to our constitution. We are in the position that we can supply every kind of order. To be a settled brand in Iran we use our reasonable efforts. We give moral and material support to our dealer here. Our goal in Iran is despite the producers here to be well known and trusted foreign brand. And I can say that we have reached our goal slowly.

     Between Iranian companies and us there are severe differences technically. Their engineering analysis haven’t reached our level yet. However, I can say that only for today of course. Eventually when they reach the needed technology, I can see that Iranian producers will produce goods as qualifi ed as ours. When you look at the expo you can see the developments from here.

     We did important investments and we doubled our production

     In the recent period we had a factory investment. We bought the next (neighbor) factory. And now the Emay elevator is continuing the production in the 7 thousand square meter area. When we look at the monthly production even it is small, we can say that we are a brand anymore. I suppose that we are dominating %10 of the sector in Turkey. Our production has doubled. We can reach to 8 thousand numbers in a month. Our substructure capacity is 25 thousand doors in a month. It is a company that exists since 1954. And we became a company which sells engineering service to the world since 1995. Because we are a R&D (research and development) selling company, we can do R%D to our own products. I can say that we saw the moral and material power by becoming an important elevator company in a short time.

     Our export has increased %50 with our investment

     We export %50 of our production. The countries that we do export have reached to 28. In 2013 our exportation rates were %35. However last two years by expanding our place and R&D and by becoming recognized in the market, our production has doubled. With the increasing some extra countries step in. I can say that we do export as last year’s endorsement. Our main goal about this issue is to sell our products within the country as much as we do exportation. We don’t want to raise our exportation upper then %60, too. 

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