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  • Moscow International LIFT Exhibition - be the ? rst in Russia!
  • Süha Hatipoğlu, GMV MARTINI Turkey Representative
  • INTERLIFT 2015
  • AybeyElectronicsaimstoincreaseitsexportshareto 50 in 2014
  • Ahmet Elevator Sales Manager Kemal Uyumaz We want to increase our exports by establishing lasting friendships
  • Ametal made a strong impression with the operating panel group
  • “AVOX” with9.9 mm attractstheworld’sattention
  • SRL Elevator exports to 17 countries
  • Integra adds new product lines to its portfolio
  • Anatolia to be transported with “Viking Train”
  • Has Elevatorexportstomorethan 40 countries
  • MKS Cable aims to increase market share in Iran
  • INELEX 2014 brought professionals together in İzmir
  • Löher Asansör aims to increase its export share to 80
  • İleri Lift’s different designs drew wide attention in Interlit
  • President of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) M. Rifat HİSARCIKLIOĞLU We expect 2014 to be a better year in comparison with 2013
  • Wittur and Sematic to Merge In Order to Create a Leading Global Supplier to The Elevator Industry
  • Elevator Industry Due To Expand In India
  • Ahmet Elevator is increasing its production capacity each passing day
  • “World SME Forum Comes With An Ambitious Agenda”

  • Contractors Federation Chairman Necip Nasır Turkish Contractors can take the first place in the World if organized (9 Temmuz 2014)

     Contractors Federation Chairman Necip Nasır, stated that; “In 2002, only $ 5 million investment was coming from Arab countries to Turkey, and 11 years, this fi gure came to $ 9 billion in 11 years” and “50 percent of Turkey's exports are performing to Arab countries again” he stated. Nasır mentioned the followings;

    “We are contributing to our country’s economy in 6 thousand 500 items in total of $ 120 billion in construction industry. In 2012, the volume of transactions reached to a volume of $ 12.6 billion only in the construction industry with Arab countries and we brought that much of added value to our country. These are happening due to advertising of the country, our existing infrastructure and experience. I am giving to much importance to this type of summits. Although İzmir was a major city in the world with its gains, it was left behind with the relations with Arab countries. For this reason I found the decision of conducting this summit in İzmir was very correct. I think the bilateral talks conducting in here would provide great returns to our country. I have found the same enthusiasm and desire from approximately 500 businessmen came here. I believe this excitement will return to important collaborations. I believe this summit and the collaborations following the summit, will strengthen our relationships with our brothers in the Arab countries that we had connected with historical ties in the past.”

     “The construction sector became the most important sector in the world, after the medicine, oil and arms sectors. The contribution to GDP of all countries, but also the contributions to employment, made the construction sector an important sector. The way to have progress in this sector for our potential abroad we need to be better organized. Currently we are in second ranks in the world by 300 thousand contractors’ personal efforts and successes of those who have not properly organized. If the contracting sector defi nition and the organizational structure will be made, this will contribute greatly to our industry, at this point, even to be placed in the fi rst rank in the world would be inevitable. We have taken steps in this regard and created the Confederation of Federations (IMKON). I believe that in the coming days by achieving much more organized formation in the construction sector we will provide more added values to our country.” He said. 

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