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  • The construction around much of Moscow's International Business Center complex Moskva-City is nearing completion, with the complex set to become fully completed and operational by 2018.
  • Emrah Terzan We are trying to improve our relationships with our business partners in India
  • 15 agreements concluded between Turkey and Hungary
  • Nergiz Cable aims to start manufacturing fibre cable
  • Anatolia to be transported with “Viking Train”
  • Fupa Lift and Alberto Sassi are celebrated their 20th anniversary of association
  • Middle East elevator sector will meet in LIFTEX 2014
  • On The Back Of Russian Elevator Week
  • Genemek General Director Devrim Gecegezer Genemek founded to be a world brand
  • Interlift Fair opens with records again
  • Moscow International LIFT Exhibition - be the ? rst in Russia!
  • Genemek General Manager DEVRİM GECEGEZER "Genemek Name and Logo must be Around the Globe"
  • The target of the Turkish Elevator Sector for 2023 2 billion dollars
  • “World SME Forum Comes With An Ambitious Agenda”
  • Mega Radar
  • ÜMİT ASLAN, Owner of the As-Per Group Company "As-Per is giving serving the elevator curtain throughout area of the in the world"
  • Sofia, is promising in terms of the elevator industry
  • Trading with Jordan targets 2 Billion dollars
  • Uzar Paslanmaz aims to become a world leading brand mark

  • Baykal Makina exports to 190 countries (10 Nisan 2014)

    With a history of about 30 years in the production of sheet iron and metal processing machines, Baykal Makina grows its sales networks, ever benefi ting from the customer satisfaction it ensures on a number of aspects such as highly accurate product delivery.

     In order to meet customer and sector demands, Baykal Makina has been investing particularly in technology and producing accordingly. Baykal Makina has the capacity to produce 300 machines a year. Having the monthly capacity to produce 150 machines, Baykal Makina aims to produce 300 machines monthly by increasing its production capacity by 100%, and also to refl ect its production achievements in exportation. 

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