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  • Genemek increases its market share in Egypt
  • Zorlu Elevatorsellsproductstothefourcorners of theWorld
  • Moscow International LIFT Exhibition - be the ? rst in Russia!
  • EURO-LIFT for professionals
  • EPO Made its fi rst step in Çeşme
  • Arkel put ‘ARCODE’ on foreign market
  • The Political and Socio-Economic Relations between Turkey and Arab Countries Develops Rapidly
  • Turkish Republic Science Industry and Technology Minister Fikri IŞIK "Turkey will produce with high technology"
  • The whole world now knows EMF Motor
  • “World SME Forum Comes With An Ambitious Agenda”
  • Integra will establish sales networks in Iran
  • Turkey has raised the target for Qatar market
  • Electrical Engineer Serdar Tavaslıoğlu ASSESSMENT OF MACHINE ASSEMBLY IN ELEVATORS BY EN 81-1 + A3
  • Ileri Lift Sales and Marketing Representative Erbil Soysal We target increasing our existing exportation to Europe
  • Ultrarope Technology by KONE; Elevators of Future for High-Rise Buildings
  • ASFED Management Board President Yusuf Atik Our aim is to gather the sector under a single roof and to create a local brand
  • “AVOX” with9.9 mm attractstheworld’sattention
  • Ametal made a strong impression with the operating panel group
  • Cem Şenel, CEO of CNR Eurasia Elevator Fair held in Istanbul will make important contributions to the elevator sector
  • Mega Radar


    Our company designs the most suitible products depending on customers' needs by MB Automatic Lift Doors, and aslo, our company is the distributor of Fermator that has the largest market share in Turkey for a long time. The elevator industry appreciate the solutions of Bulut Makina that is giving technical supports with careful and experienced technical team for MB and Fermator Automatic Lift Doors both by phone and on shaft.

     Bulut Makina helps its cutsomers to choose the correct type of automatic lift doors for MB and Fermator branded automatic lift doors. It should be noted that the choice of the right door keeps customers away from the failures that may occur. Additionally, Even we send entire published manuals along with the products to help customers during installation, we provide manuals on website, in Turkish and English.

     Bulut Makina analyse the customers requests and provide the highest quality and best solutions. Bulut Makina always stands behind of its own products on every phase, and it shares the experienced acknowledge about assembling the lifts and eliminating the problems on the lifts and automatic doors with its customers. Bulut Makina continues its studies to let salesman and technicians choose the right parts easily.

    MB Automatic Lift Doors is represented with its latest design and it has become a reliable brand. MB Automatic Lift Doors can be called "the refl ection of the quality of Bulut Makina to automatic lift doors". MB operators and mechanisms satisfi es more than enough to the customer demands rigoriously with the selection of raw materials and the method of automation system in the production.

     Our customers can use the cabin, suspension and automatic door products with peace of mind, because Bulut Makina archives the all designs what sold by itself. Bulut Makina continues product with “Know Yourself" philosophy, and recognizes each products made by itself analysing correctly these products with our customers.

     In conclusion; Bulut Makina is ready to expand exponentially growing customer base in 2015 with successful technical team and experienced representatives. This year, There is no doubt about increasing MB Automatic Door Systems that the present of 27-year experience is to increase in the sales of graphics acceleration.  

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