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  • Contractors Federation Chairman Necip Nasır Turkish Contractors can take the first place in the World if organized
  • Fupa Lift and Alberto Sassi are celebrated their 20th anniversary of association
  • Cem Şenel, CEO of CNR Eurasia Elevator Fair held in Istanbul will make important contributions to the elevator sector
  • 15 agreements concluded between Turkey and Hungary
  • Sofia, is promising in terms of the elevator industry
  • Eurasia Elevator Exhibition to mark year 2014
  • Arkel put ‘ARCODE’ on foreign market
  • New projects will grow with Turkish elevator and escalator sector.
  • Wire Rope Trade Foreigner Manager MUSTAFA KÖŞKER "We are aiming to increase our production quality and our market share in Iran"
  • Özbeşler Elevator Vice General Manager YENER ÇAKMAK "I believe that we can reach the Turkey’s selling rates also in Iran"
  • Kleemann toured its customers in its factory in Greece
  • HEDEFSAN at new place
  • «RUSSIAN ELEVATOR WEEK» Best novelties. Main trends. Qualifi ed visitors
  • Lift Balkans is rapidly becoming a major exhibition
  • IECC MosExpo representatives visited our stand
  • Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık “Local Product is Country Product, World should also use this product”
  • Inelex 2014 grows 100
  • Vital Elevator has increased the speed of production and quality

  • ASFED Management Board President Yusuf Atik Our aim is to gather the sector under a single roof and to create a local brand (27 Kasım 2014)

     We met with Elevator Industrialists Federation (ASFED) Management Board President Yusuf Atik and discussed the establishment process and objectives of the federation. Atik stated that he regarded the sector as a whole under a single roof and he recorded that they were working on a process to create a local Turkish brand for which the sector was waiting for a long time.

     Yusuf Atik said; “Our efforts to become a federation was continuing for nearly 20 years. Before that, our provincial associations carried out their own activities in their own cities. Yet, what Turkish elevator sector needed was a strong structure. Therefore I and my team were vouchsafed to establish a federation the base of which had been laid 20 years ago. Our federation was established offi cially on November 19, 2013. We held our fi rst General Assembly on June 7, 2014. We are open to all non-governmental organizations which are active in elevator sector in Turkey. I am for unity and solidarity, I believe one could be stronger when integrated with others not separated from and thus I invite all our colleagues to our federation.

     ASFED President Yusuf Atik stated that they regard the sector as a whole and they treat all companies equally, and he said that they will seek solutions for problems of elevator sector within the federation.

    Atik said; “There are many problems the elevator sector goes through in Turkey. Yet, our priority is to create a Turkish brand. Some of our domestic producer companies are sweeping towards being a global brand. Some of our installation companies step forward with installations they made. But we don’t have a whole “Turkish Brand” with production, installation and maintenance. We need to provide high quality service both in Turkey and abroad in order to become a brand. Our aim as private sector is to work in coordination with relevant public institutions with this aim and to create not one but more than one Turkish brands.

    We also aim at using logistic advantages of Turkey more effi ciently on behalf of our sector. Today, there are many old elevators waiting for replacement or revision especially in Europe and Russia. Why don’t we go there with our brands behind? In addition, there is massive need for elevators in African countries, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. In Iraq, 70 percent of elevators are produced by companies going there from Turkey. The aim of ASFED is to increase the share of Turkish Elevator Sector in global market.”

     ASFED President Yusuf Atik said that they would work in order to improve and develop the elevator sector and stated that they wouldn’t avoid spending effort and time to do so. Atik, particularly invites the companies to unite again and stated that “Strong companies are needed for a strong Turkish Elevator Sector”.

     Who is Yusuf Atik?

     Yusuf Atik, who is among the leading names of Turkish Industry and elevator sector, started working life when he was a child. Yusuf Atik, who made his fi rst production in electricity sector and they started carrying out activities in elevator sector in 1977, makes productions in a global scale with Merih Elevator having 25 thousand squaremeters of indoors area. Yusuf Atik, who is the founder of Merih Elevator which was established as an elevator installation and maintenance company in 1977, serves the elevator sector with automatic elevator door production with his 36 years of experience. 

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