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  • Teori Mühendislik aims at increasingitsexport rate to 30 percent
  • Elektres Elektrik Elektronik General Director Şener Erişir We’d like to see our products in Polish markets, too
  • We have participated to Iran Elevator Fair
  • MKS Kablo aims to increase its export rate to 50
  • EPO Made its fi rst step in Çeşme
  • Arkel put ‘ARCODE’ on foreign market
  • Bulut Machinery organized a tour to Fermator Factory in Spain
  • Significant participation from Iran is expected to INELEX this year
  • Genemek increases its market share in Egypt
  • Eren Machine exports 60 of itsproductiontonearly 40 countries
  • Fupa Lift and Alberto Sassi are celebrated their 20th anniversary of association
  • Sofia, is promising in terms of the elevator industry
  • Merih Asansör made a mark at Interlift with two different models
  • Going up and sideways! Germans invent revolutionary elevator
  • ArgesettargetstoexporttoMiddle East, Africa, AsiaandtheBalkans
  • Euro-lift 2014 has opened its doors for the third time
  • HEDEFSAN at new place
  • Centa Grows by 60 Yüzde
  • Genemek All Around The World
  • Integra will establish sales networks in Iran

  • AH-MET Elevatorprovidesunlimitedtechnicalsupport (6 Nisan 2014)

    Theinterestto AH&METElevatorproductsareincreasingbothin domesticandabroaddaybyday.Accordingly, it increasesitsshareinmarketeveryyear. Since AH&METElevatorseperates 25 % of itsproductionand 15 % of its general salesportfolioforexport, it alsoprovides an increase inexportnumberseveryyear. AH&METElevatorwhichprovidesappropriatesupport in electronicalsubjectstothecompaniesthat it cooperates in exportcountries, ranksamong model companieswiththisspeciality.

    Inordertostrengthenthepackageelevatorsales, AH&MET Elevatorwhichstartedtheproduction of panel andrevision setin 2001, production of door in 2005 andlastlytheproduction of cabin in 2007,carries on business in 20 thousand m2open, 10 thousand 5 hundred m2 closeareawith 75 peopleexpertstaff in Konyatoday. AH&MET Elevatorservicestoitscustomers in widerangealong generalof Turkey, alsocontinuesitsexporttransactions in 24 countrieswith 46customers.

    AH&MET Elevatorservicestoproducebetter, beyondwithhigherqualitybycarryingthemission of “Pioneercompany” in itslocalarea, alwaysprefersthenon-productionsthat it can standbehindand do not causeproblemstothecustomers.AH&MET Elevatorwhichaimstoincreaseitsexportingtransactionscontinuously, addednewcustomerstoitsportfolioafteritsattendance in2013 İstanbul ElevatorFairandsigneda contract of exclusiveagentwith 3countries. Amongthereasons of importcompanies in preferring AH&METElevatorare; highqualityproducts,service in desired time andpricepolicythatstrengthenimportingcompanies intheirlocalareas, developscompetationconditions, consequentlyincreasesthemarket sharesfast. Alsoitsunlimitedtechnicalsupportandprotecting ofitsproductswhateverthereason is,cause AH&MET Elevatortobecome apreferredone. Italwaysservicestoitscooperativecompaniesespecially inelectronicalequipments (controlpanelsandcontrolcards) in theirowncountrieswithoutcharginganything. Withthisunderstanding, AH&MET Elevatorprefersa longtermtraderatherthanmomentarilywithfriendshipsdevelopsaccordingly.

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