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  • Has Asansör Foreign Trade Manager Ahmet Altındere We started being more active in Poland in 2014
  • Going up and sideways! Germans invent revolutionary elevator
  • The Metroplast Foreign Trade Manager Mr.SİAVASH KHEİRKHAH "We leave our competitors with the Production Technology in the International Arena"
  • Elevator Industry Due To Expand In India
  • Elevator sector in Turkey has surpassed the infancy period
  • Adalift Elevator General Manager SAADAT JAZAYERI Arian Elevator Vice General Manager AMİR BAHRAM DARAEİ Arian Elevator Factory Manager DAVOOS KHALAJİ "Arian invests most of its income to Research and Development"
  • Interlift Fair opened with records again
  • EURO-LIFT for professionals
  • Ayha Asansör; Brand Of Choice All Around The World
  • Vital Elevator Export Manager YAKUP ÜNALMIŞ "We reached 15 percent export rate in a year"
  • Strategic partnership will increase the weight of Turkey and Mexico in global order
  • Wire Rope Trade Foreigner Manager MUSTAFA KÖŞKER "We are aiming to increase our production quality and our market share in Iran"
  • We want to invest more in Georgia
  • Ahmet Elevator Sales Manager Kemal Uyumaz We want to increase our exports by establishing lasting friendships
  • RST Asansör successfully represented Turkey
  • 2020 Southeast Europe Strategy to contribute to regional development
  • Turkish Republic Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık We explained a new "Elevator Action Plan in Turkey"
  • Vital Elevator General Manager Sadık Muharrem Güden We aim at exporting 30 of our production within a couple of years
  • Aygünsan targets to get a permanent share in Egyptian market
  • Bulut Makine Foreign Trade Expert Ahmet İnan Supply Chain Manager Mustafa Bulut Our capability to meet all demands makes us preferable in European market

  • “AVOX” with9.9 mm attractstheworld’sattention (6 Nisan 2014)

    Genemekwhichwasestablished in 2003,steppedintoelevatorsector in Turkeywithlengthphotocelldesign. At thebeginningof2002withprogrammabledotmatrix LEDandgraphic LCD panels it formedits mainproductsandstartedtoproducemechanicalequipmentsafterthedevelopment of manypanelsandaccessoryelectronics at theendof last fi ve years.

    Genemekwhichwasestablished as İstanbulcentered, wasservicingthroughouttheworldwithitsdealerships in Turkeyandgrowingdistributorsabroad. As it is operatinginelevatorcallbuttonandpanelsproduction,it alsotargetstodesignandproducecompetitiveorientedproduct.

    Thecompanyactswithits slogan “Everyproductthatcarries “GENEMEK”brand is ouridentity. Forthisreason,everyproduct is our ever increasingresponsibility.” andproduces ultrathinsurfacemountedlandingand caroperationpanels as well as electronicequipmentsbelongsthem. InGenemekestablishmentwhich is an approximate650 m2 closearea, thereareelectronicmounting, plasticinjection, hydrolicforming, eccentricpressingandmoldingroom. Genemekproduceshightechnologicalproducts (2012 MiraeMx200 SMT line, 2011 model 120Tonnesplasticinjection, 2009 model 90tonneseccentricpress, 2011 model 200Tonnesdoubleeffecthydrolicpressand2013 model verticalmachiningcentre) inthisestablishment.

    Genemekwhichproducesmonthly13.000 landingand 5.000 car operationpanels, exports 65 % of itsproduct.ThecountriesthatcompanyexportsareGermany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom,Mexico, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Iran,Lebanon, Jordan, SaudiaArabia,Dubai, Australia, Venezuela andBrazil.GenemekwhichaimstoexporttoRussia,UkraineandIndiatakesplaceamongessentialbrands of companieswithitsconcept of “Originalproduct, problemfreedesignandfastdelivery”.

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