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  • World Leading Trade Fair Interlift With A New Exhibitors Record And Considerable Increase In Space

    Augsburg – It has long been clear that the leader among the elevator trade fairs would grow. Now the old benchmark of 512 exhibitors has also become history: at the 2015 Interlift 530 participating companies coming from 41 countries will present their innovations. It is equally possible that, in view of the amount of innovations to be expected, the amount of visitors will also spiral upwards – that would mean a triple record!

    The world market at a glance: exhibitors from 41 countries presen

    t In its position as the most international platform of the sector by far, the Interlift offers the best overview of the selection of products offered by the world market. This has made it the most important trade fair date, not only for the top decision makers in the companies, but also for all professionals from the elevator industry. The proportion of foreign companies stands at present at 70 %, exactly the proportion we saw two years ago (as per 06.08.2015).

     Traditionally the great elevator nation Italy represents the most important foreign participation. With 85 exhibitors it leads clearly ahead of China (61), Turkey (41) and Spain (36). In positions 5 – 10 they are followed by France and Great Britain (16 each), Greece (11), the USA (9), Sweden and Austria (8 each).

     Also as regards the space booked Italy is as usual in the lead, followed by Spain, Turkey and China. In Þ fth place comes Greece, followed by Sweden, France, Great Britain, Switzerland and the USA.

    One possible explanation for the strong presence of the important manufacturing countries such as Italy and Spain could well be the continuing economic problems at home: When sales are low in their own markets, the pressure to open new international markets increases. The impressive cooperative stand of the Italian association of component manufacturers ANICA shows this very clearly: For these small and medium-sized enterprises the Interlift functions as their gateway to the world market. A number of Chinese companies are exhibiting on much larger stands than in the past – after their Þ rst attempts on cooperative stands, they are now exhibiting their novelties on their own larger stands. (Exhibitors index: www. / Exhibitors / Exhibitors search).

     Innovations make it imperative to visit the trade fair

     Because of the imminent introduction of the new Lift Directive 2014/33/ EU and the corresponding Standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50, visitors to the Interlift 2015 can expect to see an incredible variety of component innovations. ModiÞ cation or a new design? That is the question here – and the manufacturers are answering it with a colourful selection of innovative contributions. For example, in the Þ eld of safety components products have been thoroughly revised, radical new ideas are visible in shaft and cabin doors. Controls and frequency converters have been conformed to the level demanded by the new standards and equipped with additional characteristics and options. The subject of energy saving is still in the foreground, as is also the Þ eld of design, clearly to be seen in control panels and cabins.

     However, it will not only be the elevators themselves, which are bristling with innovations. The suppliers of the elevator industry will also have plenty of new products to show, be it fastening elements or the cables in the elevator shaft. There will certainly be a rich variety of new products to see at the most important innovations trade fair for the elevator industry in 2015.

     Interlift 2015: New situation in the fair grounds and the car park

     Exhibitors and visitors, who know the Interlift from previous events, will discover some inevitable changes this time.

     For visitors these start when they arrive by car: The only available car park is the one belonging to the WWK-Arena of the top football league players FC Augsburg. It is situated on the same highway B17 as the trade fair centre, has over 2,500 parking spaces and is directly connected to the entrance to the Augsburg Trade Fair Centre by a free 10 minute shuttle bus ride.

     The central entrance area between Halls 1 and 7 and the digital entrance system are also new and are intended to enable quicker access to the Interlift.

     The newly built Hall 4 brings the Interlift 4,500 m² of the most modern, column-free exhibition space. It is ideally positioned in the trade fair circuit as a connection between the Halls 3 and 5.

     The Wittur Cube is also new. This is a temporary exhibition hall of 1,500 m², occupied by the largest Interlift exhibitor. This offers the Wittur Group sufÞ cient opportunity for future planning, including more ß exibility for any planned expansions.

    For the first time the Interlift Exhibitors’ Evening will be held on the Wednesday, the second day of the trade fair. The reason is that this very popular meeting place for exhibitors is now in such great demand, that an extra day is needed to prepare for it.

    Competent visitors: 75 % are involved in decision-making

    The quality of the visitors is one of the contributing factors for the success of the Interlift. Three out of four visitors are involved in the company’s purchasing decisions, a third of them being sole decision makers. For most visitors this is the only elevator trade fair they visit: 69 % of all visitors now only visit the Interlift to Þ nd information on the latest developments in their sector. The survey carried out by the Hamburg trade fair and congress consultant Dirr also produced this result: 91 % gave the trade fair the marks “very good” or “good”. And for nine out of ten Interlift visitors the Interlift is the the worldwide leading trade fair in the elevator sector.

    Easy preparation for your trade fair visit

     You can start your easy planning for your Interlift visit on the homepage of the Interlift 2015 ( This offers all the available information, starting from the Index of Exhibitors, the latest innovative exhibits, right down to tips for travelling to the fair and timetables. Visitors arriving at the Munich airport will be brought to the Augsburg Trade Fair Centre by a comfortable shuttle bus, and in Augsburg itself a free bus transfer is available from the main station. Another free bus will travel at regular intervals between the new visitors’ car park at the WWK-Arena and the Augsburg Trade Fair Centre.

     VFA-Forum: Hall 2

    Always with us is the subject of standards. This year the Forum will concentrate on the highly topical DIN EN 81 and the Operational Safety Directive. Equally topical are the subjects of ensuring a stock of adequate technical staff for the future and training and qualifying staff. On Tuesday afternoon representatives of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Swabia, the Cooperative State University of Baden Württemberg and of a medium-sized enterprise, which trains apprentices, will discuss the subject in short lectures under the title: “Plan tomorrow’s success from today!” Attendees can join in the following discussion with their questions and experience together with the lecturers and with guests from the Augsburg Labour Agency and the Technical University Chemnitz. The subject of homelifts and the swift growth of this market will be discussed, and interesting contributions on the subject of elevator safety will be presented. The event will be rounded off through presentations on international markets and the introduction of new products and services. 

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