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  • We took our place in Iran Elevator Fair

    This year we participated for the second time in Iran Elevator Fair, and we took our place as Elevator Vision and Liftvisio Magazine.

    We took our place as Elevator and Lift Vision Magazines in the 4th International Elevator, Conveyor Components and Equipment Liftex Fair that was held in Iran's capital Tehran.

    We both chatted with customers and provided information about our industry and visitors by hosting them from Iran and neighboring countries in our stand in 7A room in the fair’s fi rst hole.

    The Liftex International Elevator, Conveyor Components and Equipment Fair that was held in Iran's capital Tehran from April 25 to 28 of this year for the fourth time, still fi nished with a very serious contribution. METROPLAST, Genemek, Fabre, Arc Machines, Enamel, Integra, Özbeş, Uzbeks, Vitali, Hawa, CNR, Köşkerler Çelik Halat and Theory Engineering from Turkey, had attended stands at the fair, and their products were exhibited with more than 300 brands at their stands.

    - 8 elevator fairs are held every year in Iran

    The fair especially turned out the sector representatives operating in the region with over 300 participants within a total of 5 Holes. The arrangement of a total of 8 elevator fairs which are the only international trade fairs in Iran is carried out in Liftex which was held in Tehran. Other fairs are carried out locally in different provinces. However, many fi rms are participating in almost all of the fair. The spread over a vast area around the elevator sector in Iran as an area must be fi t, for them to be able to organize 8 fairs per year. In spite of the different fairs held in each region Tehran Fair does not lose anything from the number of visitors. The fair is the most crowded event in terms of visitors we followed. Of course, this is considered as a transaction volume in the elevator sector of Iran and major impact on the increase in the number of companies.

    - The Fair organization lives up to expectations

    The Liftex Fair is developing itself each year in the necessary organizational sense as well as the volume sense and continues to grow. There was a common belief that the fair was very well organized and there was an increase in the number of participants according to the impression we got in the Fair and the interviews we made. The fully professional visitors who visited the Fair from the fi rst day until the last day showed how much they want to gain a seat in the regional markets or aim at improving the existing market share.

    - The Sectoral volume is increasing exponentially

    The Previously seen recession in the construction industry in Iran have now gained upward momentum and construction sector has experienced a boom in Iran. Increased number of construction and housing sector constantly rising has led to the rise of the elevator needs. This year, We conducted an interview meeting with the Iranian Union of Elevator (IUEE). According to information we received from IUEE offi cials, the number of new-mounted elevators in Iran is around 60 to 70 thousand each year.

    - Compared to last year, production has been increased and diversifi ed

     Another issue that attracted our attention at the fair was the Iranian manufacturer of elevator products has been diversifi ed and they have developed their industrial production growth. The production channel in the sector this year compared to the last year has exhibited a good development. Yet even though they still want to catch up with the nowadays technology, Iranian elevator industrialists have reached a good position and they gave so much power to the production by drawing their own way. A large part of the elevator needs being outsourced before, it seems like they will soon reach a position self-suffi cient and even export.

     - The Turkish brands are still in demand

     The Iran elevators community still feels the weight of the Turkish brands. There is a huge interest and respect for Turkish products and brands in the Iranian market. “The Turkish goods have a high quality” is a concept that still continues. We found that the Turkish brands are still being exhibited at the stands of the Iranian elevator companies at the Fair. The attitude of visitors showed against the Turkish brand was extremely gratifying in the stands of the Turkish companies participating in the Fair.

     - There was still a great interest in our magazine

     The industrial representatives from many points in the world who wish to see us always never pass without visiting our stand in the Liftex Fair where we participated for the second time with our Elevator Vision and Lift Vision magazine. We provided our magazine for free to the guests coming to visit our stand.

    Lift Vision was in the forefront again as with all international trades. Our Liftvision Magazine following the developments in the sector and mainly the Turkish brands, had seen an intense interest and welcomed with great acclaim in Liftex Fair. Our magazines being shown and delivered in our stand in 7A room in the fair’s fi rst hole, turned out the industrial representatives. We and our guests coming to visit our stand got the chance to chat and analyze industry better. We were satisfi ed with our magazine being widely known in the Iran elevator industry and being preferred.

    - We visited our colleagues and leading companies in the sector

     There are two broadcastings in Iran's elevator industry. the oldest and most widely magazine is Donya-ye Elevator. The other broadcasting is being done by the Iranian Union of Elevator. holding the pulse of the lift sector and considered as the most widely read publication in the sector in the region is the Donya-ye Elevator Magazine. Our publication Coordinator Mr. Cem Ozturk who visited the stand of the magazine Editor Mohammad Taghavi, chatted with our colleagues wishing them success in their work.

     We were pleased of the Liftex which was held this year for the fourth time. We have prepared a special fi le in our magazine for Lifetex since it was a highly successful Fair for our magazine. We have re-examined the Iranian elevator industry again for you and given place for the related important details. We listened to the fair impressions by visiting the stands of the companies participating to the Fair. We wish you to enjoy reading our fi les where you can fi nd detailed information on the Fair and the Iranian elevator sector … 

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