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  • İnşaat Sektöründe Dev Buluşma
  • TOBB Başkanı M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Zenginleşme yolunda sihirli sözcük İŞBİRLİĞİ
  • SİM-DER üye müteahhitlerini, Abant'ta düzenlediği kampta bir araya getirdi
  • BİM-FED, sektör sorunlarının çözümü için Siyasi Partileri ziyaret ediyor
  • BİM-FED'den ‘İnşaat Sektöründe Enerji Verimliliği’ Toplantısı
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  • 90 Bin Yapı Müteahhidi İMKON’da Birleşti
  • Private Sector Should Become More Participating In International Organizations

     B20 Turkey Conference hosted Prime Minister Davuto??lu, while Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Governors within G20 came together at the session “Navigating through the Global Low Growth and Low Interest Rate Environment”. M. Rifat Hisarcõklõo??lu, B20 Turkey Chair and TOBB President, emphasized that private sector should be more participating in international organizations

     On day 2 of B20 Turkey, Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto??lu took the ß oor at the session “Global Outlook and Turkey’s G20 Presidency”. Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto??lu pointed out 5 main challenges in face of global economy, indicating that the volatility in global Þ nancial markets is one of the most important issues of business world and world leaders, since the ß uctuation renders impossible even short-term plans.

     Stating the lack of past dynamism by developing economies, “Developed economies recover. This is a very positive indicator; however, the growth cannot increase without dynamism of developing economies,” Davuto??lu said.

     Davuto??lu laid stress on necessity of setting new targets in order to ensure growth, asserting no growth is possible without investment. Davuto??lu also pointed out to unexpected slowdown in global trade and dubbed trade as the most important driving force behind economic development. The Prime Minister expressed efforts to increase economic growth in Turkey, where the per capita income is quadrupled in last 12 years. Davuto??lu also touched upon the need for strategies in order to diversify Turkey’s export markets, adding that when a crisis emerges in EU, trade with neighboring countries is increased pursuant to Turkey’s effective and consistent strategy.

     -SMEs should be support

     Davuto??lu reported that under Presidency of Turkey, the SMEs and the share of labor in income will remain a main point on the agenda, saying "Developing countries lack big global companies; therefore, SMEs should be supported for diversity in economy, Þ ght against unemployment, creation of employment, higher competitiveness and growth and greater innovation capacity.”

    -Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors

    G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors took the ß oor at the session “Navigating through the Global Low Growth and Low Interest Rate Environment”. The session was started by M. Rifat Hisarcõklõo??lu, B20 Turkey Chair and TOBB President. Hisarcõklõo??lu claimed there is no simple answer for problems in global economy, since the problems of the world are very complex.

    Hisarcõklõo??lu indicated that governments should support the market; nevertheless, he said, the intervention with market may cause panic among investors. According to Hisarcõklõo??lu, it is important to confer on business world during elaboration of legal regulations; he added that private sector should be more participating in international organizations.

    -Why are investments so low?

     Erdem Ba??çõ, Turkish Central Bank Governor, informed that the participants will treat the issue of investment and discuss what to do for improving investments. Ba??çõ touched upon the reasons behind low investments, saying “Who are the suspects? Volatility may be one of them; secondly, global growth has turned out to be much below estimates; thirdly, some structural issues, such as business environment, may be a reason as well.” Ba??çõ asserted European Union displayed the best importance among Turkey’s neighbors, and there are improvements, albeit not sufÞ cient, before giving the ß oor to Christian Noyer, French Central Bank Governor.

     Christian Noyer pointed out decreasing investments as the reason for low growth. “Low investment may also be due to higher savings. In some countries, demand and uncertainty play a part too,” he said. Noyer said that in case investors become positive in terms of demand, the situation will be realized as needed. "Whenever it is hard to foresee the future, such an environment paves way for fall in investments. Economies under stress experienced the same. In recent years, this was exactly what we saw in Europe. Now, we hope all of these are over,” added Noyer. The Governor showed aging population in Europe and developed countries as a factor for rise in savings, adding that the high indebtedness rates in households also push people to saving. Noyer insisted on difÞ culty of establishing Þ nancial equilibrium in current global conjuncture, and added that only monetary policies cannot be sufÞ cient for solving these problems.

    -"Tax policies are important for investment incentive"

     Noyer asserted that public Þ nancial policies should facilitate private sector investments. “It is crucial that tax policies encourage investment. This is a very important instrument. We have to reß ect on anything which can increase investment opportunities,” Noyer added. According to Noyer, consistent politics lead the path for investments. "Constant change in macroeconomic policies trigger uncertainty; consequently, the investments decrease. Besides, there was not sufÞ cient investment in instruments that will contribute to our economies in the long run,” Noyer said.

     - "Next year will be better than the previous"

     Joe Hockey, Treasurer of Australia, indicated that the problem on the world is not in terms of offer, but regarding its operability. According to Hockey, the task of governments is to meet requirements in order that offer meets demand, whereupon governments may fade from the scene. Hockey stated that world trade should be predictable and go by the book, and that it is necessary to remove non-tariff barriers. Pointing out the requirement for explicit taxation rules, “This should encourage innovation and investment. Government risk should be abolished. Rewarding the investments is crucial in this equation,” Hockey added. Hockey believes that in world economy, the next year will be better than the previous, nevertheless, it is still early to declare a victory in this battle.

    - "Timing is crucial in structural reforms"

    Before leaving the ß oor to Mexican Central Bank Governor Agustin Carstens, Ba??çõ remarked similarities between Mexico and Turkey, saying “Mexico beneÞ ts from recovery of United States, just as Turkey beneÞ ts from recovery of EU.” Carstens also indicated key importance of Þ nancial sector in all economies, indicating the need for more conÞ dence for further development and growth in global economy. Carstens shared his conviction that structural reforms for growth are important, but it may take some time to receive the fruits. "We need time for that many structural reforms ensure growth. Timing is crucial at this stage. The situation can also inß uence the future of economic performance. Sometimes, very important opportunities emerge on the world. In Mexico, electricity and oil are important; for long years, we held them under government control. These restrictions, however, brought along problems and we privatized them. For now, private sector can invest in these industries and in the future, we may obtain higher crop through these activities,” concluded Carstens.

     - "World goes through a time of wealth and depression"

     Ba??çõ remarked the ambitious reform process in India, before giving the ß oor to Raghuram Rajan, Indian Central Bank Governor. Rajan stated that world economy goes through an interesting period, where wealth and depression is simultaneously in question.

    Rajan underlined that savings have exceeded investments on the globe, whereupon interest rates should be low. According to Rajan, governments should keep their words even better on social security and health issues following global economic crisis, adding that the steps towards higher productivity are important for this purpose. 

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