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  • Adalift Elevator General Manager SAADAT JAZAYERI Arian Elevator Vice General Manager AMİR BAHRAM DARAEİ Arian Elevator Factory Manager DAVOOS KHALAJİ "

     "Arian invests most of its income to Research and Development"

    After the Liftex Expo we visited one of the leading companies in Iran. In the factory visiting we have been invited as the guest of general manager Mr. Saadat Jazayeri of the company Adalift which is founded for the execution of the Arian elevator in Turkey. In Arian elevator from the R&D section to the sales and marketing LIFTVISION department, from the production factory to the test tower we have examined everywhere. The Arian elevator, which has a great technological substructure, fascinated us with its qualifi ed production line, contemporary, modern manufacturing site. The Arian elevator with 250 workers within the facilities, and with corporate structure continues its productions and it’s a respected company in the regional market.


    Right after the Liftex Expo, on 29th of April on Wednesday our visitation continued to the Teheran where the Arian Elevator company’s headquarter is. We started our visit from the central offi ces of Arian Elevator company with the Adalift general manager Saadat Jazayeri and the Arian Elevator vice manager Amir Bahram Daraei. Firstly, we went to the sale and marketing department and then the R&D offi ces where 25 engineers work and we had some conversations with the workers. After that we have visited the technical service, foreign trade department, after-sale support unit, archive record, and three other department where there are education hall and accounting units. Arian Elevators Administration units consist of offi ces in three buildings in Teheran. After these visitations of the Arian Elevator in Teheran we set out for the factory visit. The Arian manufacturing factory is 100 Km away from Teheran and on the way of IKA airport and it has a modern structure. The manager of the factory Mr. Davoos Khalaji has welcomed us in there. After a short talk we have got detailed information about the factory’s works by visiting the units one by one.

     Later ; we had a enjoyable chat with the general manager of Adalift Elevetaro Mr. Saadat Jazayeri, Arian Elevator vice general manager Mr. Amir bahram Daraei, Arian Elevator factory manager Mr. Davoos Khazali. In our chat we talked about the activities and future goals of the Arian Elevator.

    Arian Elevator factory manager Mr. Davoos Khajali, who mentions that the Arian Elevator established in 1990 by the experts who had worked many different international companies before. ” In the fi rst place we have started the company in a small fl at and we were producing 2-3 productions per month. But today over 250 workers and 2 thousand production per month it is a corporate company which has 6 different departments away from its production factory” he says.

    Arian Elevator becomes such a big company because of the R&D they give importance, and quality production, and unconditional customer satisfaction, and the principals from which they give no concessions says Mr. Davoos Khajali and he added “to give importance to human values is our fi rst principal. Our workers, clients, we see them as our fortune. We do agreement with our dealers over win and win understanding. We give very big importance to our customers and the end consumers. Also, yet we consider our workers and costumers and end consumers’ health very much. We care our workers to work in clean and peaceful places. We have taken every kind of measures in case of malfunctions. Our doctor and nurse are always ready in our factory. We care about our workers’ break times, sports activities and we do whatever needed to work in a clean and peaceful place.

     We spare %30 of our income to R&D

    Our company, from the established day has given great importance to R&D. Today 25 R&D engineers in Arian Elevator incorporates on new technologies to develop production. Arian Elevator company never stinted about the R&D whatever it costs, the company always made investments. Every year we spare %30 of our income to R&D. researches being done in the market over new productions, over machines, over inverters. With what production our panels fi t well, in what productions we have trouble, not to suffer our end consumer, we always do researches. Although it isn’t our business, we give technical support other companies about many points. We give technical support about all problems of our clients. In today’s production, we try to produce environmentally friendly products and we take all necessary precautions not to give damage to environment. Every 6 months we subject to inspection, so that we can revise ourselves frequently. We are very sensitive on the stocking of the productions anymore. Shortly, we do whatever is needed not to give damage to environment.

     -We did investment for Iranian Elevator development

     In many aspects rather than earning: we thought about what can we do for Iranian Elevator sector? How can we be an example to the sector? And we did investments on these thoughts. For example on the test tower we don’t only evaluate our products but also we give the opportunity to other companies to test there. Because of this understanding we designed it not for our productions but for all kind of productions. Our test tower is formed by 16 fl oors. There are 14 stands for the elevators. There are 2 elevators. One works in gear wheel and other without it. In fact our competing fi rms can also use our tower.

     One of the important activity for us is education. Beside the Arian Elevator Panels we also give education about the elevator, safety and other components. We invite our costumers frequently and we give information about our products. Our trainings are not only limited with Teheran. Every year we have different training program and we visit other cities and we give trainings to other elevator workers around the country. We want from our customers to have more demands from us. Because client demands make us improve ourselves, and so that we can provide better service to them.

     -We want to move on to fully automated production

     Our future goal is rather than giving production to client, to have structure that clients can choose the product which they desire. We want to have a structure that client can choose the desired product in demanded quality and brand. We want to be company which produce every kind of elevator, pocket elevator, not only panels. We want to have a fully automated producing company. We want to shape the world’s standards and we want to be one of the leading companies in elevator market in the world.

    Today our panels go to the Dubai, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Arabia and many other countries. But, because of some problems, we can’t increase our exportation. Adalift is founded in Turkey and its aim is to support the Arians exportation activities. We can do exportation to many countries over Adalift. We communicate to world market via Adalift.

     Iranian elevator companies have started to do investment

     In Iran many important investments have done in electronic area. Many important investments are aiming on mechanical parts. Many important developments are recorded about elevator components. You have seen also in the expo, too. In Iran from the elevator motor to moving stairways in many areas productions have started. As I mentioned before the elevator sector in Iran got in the motion recent years. It hasn’t done much production about mechanical area before. The reason of that we didn’t have the technology about production before. Now, recently the production has started with machine investments. After few years we think that Iran will be capable to produce elevators for itself totally” He said.

     Arian Elevator vice manager Amir Bahram Daraei

    The Arian Elevator vice manager Amir Bahram Daraei by reminding us that the Arian gives technical support all over the country 24 hours non-stop, he said last 8 years they have sold 118 thousand panels in Iran. All around the Iran every year they made 2 times training seminars, by saying that Mr. Daraei “Arian Elevator company is acting with an understanding which gives support to elevator sector. Not only in our fi eld but also we give education in every subject to our companies, to raise awareness on consumers, we always do activities. Not only our own products but also we support our rival companies in production. Whoever come and demand help from us we help them. This is one of our company principals. Today the Arian Elevator company is among the most powerful elevator companies, with 250 workers in Iran. And the power it gets, it invests to development of the sector” he said.

     After our talk, we went with the participants from Turkey, China and Malaysia to visit the test tower. We examined the production on site where they tested after production.

     After the factory visit we went to see the Prisma Elevator company, which produces cabins and automatic doors. After visiting the Prisma Elevator production places we fi nished our journey program.

     As Asansor Vizyon and Lift Vision magazine family, we thank to Adalift general manager Mr. Saadat Jazayeri , Arian Elevator Vice manager Mr. Amir Bahram Daraei, Arian Elevator Factory manager Mr. Davoos Khalajiye for their warm hospitality. 

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